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Pickling operation when cleaning the boiler

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Pickling is the main method to remove the oxide scale and rust in the boiler. By using an acid solution, these corrosive impurities (scale) can be effectively removed, so that the boiler can achieve a longer and stable service life. TATA boiler summarizes 8 pickling precautions to help your boiler better clean up.

1. Confirm the nature, thickness and range of scale before pickling.
       2. The pickling work must be carried out under the guidance of experienced boiler technicians, and the pickling plan must be repeatedly demonstrated to formulate a practical and reliable pickling plan.
       3. No matter what kind of corrosion inhibitor is used, it will inevitably have a certain corrosive effect on the boiler; therefore, pickling should not be used multiple times.
       4. If there are cracks or other leakage defects in the pressure components of the drum, these defects must be removed before pickling, and then pickling work, otherwise, leakage and other undesirable accidents will occur.
       5. When pickling, the operator should wear protective equipment (acid-proof gloves, acid-proof clothing, acid-proof masks, acid-proof glasses, etc.), open doors and windows, and strengthen air circulation to prevent these acidic substances from harming the body. It is strictly forbidden to perform welding, smoking, or use of open flames in the workplace to prevent hydrogen explosions from causing personal injuries and other economic losses.
       6. Before pickling, the boiler's water supply pump, steam outlet and sewage pipe should be completely isolated with blind plates, and the drain valve should be opened to allow the gas generated during pickling to be discharged smoothly.
       7. The temperature of pickling should be controlled at 5℃.
       8. The problems and test data found in the pickling process must be carefully recorded. For operators who have no experience in pickling technology, the necessary technical training must be carried out beforehand, and independent operations can be carried out after passing the examination.

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