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What are the obvious advantages of changing coal-fired boilers to gas-fired boilers?

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Coal energy is a large proportion of primary energy in my country, but with the continuous strengthening of energy-saving and environmental protection policies, many companies need to carry out high-quality transformation of boilers to replace coal-fired boilers with serious pollution and complex operations. Meet environmental requirements. Under the situation of vigorously advocating environmental protection and low carbon, it will be an inevitable trend of social development to change the high-polluting and low-efficiency coal-fired boilers to energy-saving and low-polluting gas-fired boilers. Then, after the coal-fired boilers are changed to gas, what are the obvious What about the advantage?

1. First of all, the transformation of coal-fired boilers into gas-fired boilers can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Coal itself is extremely polluting, and the combustion process will generate a lot of smoke, which is contrary to environmental protection; after the boiler is retrofitted, the ash and sulfur content in natural gas are very low, and the amount of smoke and dust generated is very low. There are few to almost none, and it can better meet the environmental protection standards of boiler equipment.

       2. Secondly, after the successful transformation of the unique boiler, the investment cost of the boiler can be further reduced, because the gas-fired boiler does not need to be equipped with soot blowers, dust collectors, and slag extraction equipment required by various coal boilers, and the boiler is transformed into a gas-fired boiler. There is no need for a large number of sites for stacking coal after the furnace, saving space and space, and the gas boiler also saves auxiliary water for dust removal such as dust removal and slag removal by the coal-fired boiler.

       3. Thirdly, the operation of gas boilers is more convenient. It is through the use of pipelines for gas transportation without storage equipment. The fuel can be used directly before combustion without professional processing again. Coal boilers not only require professional transportation tracks but also require a lot of storage sites. , and the coal needs to be processed before it can be used for better use.

       4. The important benefit after the transformation is that the labor intensity is reduced. After the transformation of the boiler, the staff can be reduced. The whole gas boiler does not have various auxiliary equipment of the coal-fired boiler, so it can reduce the operator and save the company cost. The whole operation process is simple and does not require high-intensity manual labor.

The above is the introduction of the specific advantages of coal-fired boilers after transformation of gas. In addition, the use of gas-fired boilers for production can save electricity costs, and the gas-fired boilers are flexible in layout and have low noise caused by small footprints. Carrying out high-quality boiler renovation not only is safe in operation, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving standards.

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