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Things to pay attention to before starting the hot water boiler

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Hot water boiler is a common heating equipment in our daily life. It is widely used in my country, especially in the northern region. During installation and use, only by ensuring that the relevant rules and measures of installation are strictly followed, the installation effect can be better. Correct use of hot water boilers can avoid a series of unnecessary hazards to ensure the safety of boiler operation and the safety of personnel.

Fangkuai Boiler introduces the three major precautions for using professional hot water boilers to help you better understand the use of hot water boilers.

First, pay attention to the way of water

       The water feeding method is an important way to ensure the safe operation of the hot water boiler. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to closing the inlet valve of the return pipe when adding water, and then turn on the circulating water pump to adjust the water pressure to a suitable range before starting to inject clean water. After the system is filled with water, the water level of the boiler is adjusted to the normal condition, which can ensure that the performance of the easy-to-use hot water boiler can be fully exerted.

2. Pay attention to the inspection before ignition

       Before the hot water boiler is ignited, every auxiliary equipment of the boiler must be checked, and special attention should be paid to whether the valve is opened reliably, so as to ensure the smooth circulation of water inside the boiler and avoid excessive pressure caused by steam blockage. If it is found that the closing valve leaks seriously during the inspection, it should be repaired or replaced in time and cannot be ignited rashly.

3. Pay attention to cleaning the sundries in the water tank

       The water quality heated by the hot water boiler is relatively clean and clean, but during long-term use, some debris may be deposited in the water tank, and more debris may damage the water pump and block the valve. Before using a professional hot water boiler, it is necessary to check whether there are grades in the water tank and clean it up in time, so as to ensure better heating effect and avoid the danger of high temperature and high pressure inside the boiler.

The hot water boiler is a non-pressure vessel, but if the valve is blocked during use, it may cause the internal pressure of the hot water boiler to soar. When using it, you must pay attention to the water supply method, check the deposition problem inside the boiler, and before igniting. Check and complete these three points to ensure that the hot water boiler gas discharges smoothly and promotes the normal operation of the boiler.

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