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How gas boilers control operating costs?

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For enterprises and institutions, cost control and budget reduction are all issues of particular concern when operating a company. As the power equipment that drives the operation, the boiler has its presence in various industries of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Among them, gas-fired boilers have the significant advantages of less pollutant emission, high combustion thermal efficiency, and high safety performance, and are especially widely used in industrial production and heating and heating.

In the operation of gas boilers, enterprise users can control production costs by improving the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of the boiler. One of the key factors is that you must choose a powerful boiler manufacturer, choose a boiler with excellent performance and advanced technology, and then reduce the production of gas boilers without affecting the use effect. cost purpose. The following are suggestions given by TATA Boiler's engineers on how to reduce the fuel consumption of gas boilers.

1. Flue gas condensing heat energy recovery system: This system is mainly to reduce the heat brought out by the gas-fired boiler when exhausting the smoke, and reduce the gas consumption without affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler itself.

2. Climate compensation system: This system is adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature changes, so that the overall heating, heat release and building of the gas boiler are consistent, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is prevented from being too large.

3. Hydraulic balance of heating system: The heating quality of all heating users is averaged. Using this system can directly save about 10% of energy.

4. Centralized heat supply control system: Install the number of boilers according to the required heat load, and evenly distribute the heat load between the gas boilers, so that all the boilers can reach the best state. In this regard, the technology is not mature enough in China. If you want better results, you can use imported boilers.

As a professional manufacturer of gas boilers and electric boilers, TATA boiler has gone through more than 20 years of development. The energy-saving gas-fired boiler produced adopts the process technology of pre-expansion, full welding, and expansion at the end, which not only prevents the corrosion of the tube gap, but also enhances the welding strength; the threaded smoke pipe with high heat transfer coefficient is used to strengthen the convective heat transfer effect. , reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. With industry-leading gas boiler products and perfect after-sales service, TATA boilers are recognized and trusted by many gas boiler users.

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