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If you want to make the gas boiler operate safely, you must have the factors

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In terms of safe operation, gas boilers must have the following safety protection facilities.

1. Ignition control system
       Before the gas boiler is ignited, the furnace and flue must be carefully purged to remove the combustible gas that may accumulate in the furnace. A reasonable ignition program control system should automatically control the ignition process. Only when the fan completes the task of cleaning the furnace, can the ignition be carried out; only when the ignition flame has been established (verified by the flame detector), and after a predetermined time, The control valve of the main burner can be opened; the ignition flame can be automatically extinguished after a predetermined time; when the main flame fails to be ignited within the predetermined time, the main burner can be automatically and quickly closed while the ignition flame is extinguished, and the gas boiler The ignition program is generally monitored and controlled by the program controller. In the ignition program control, the total ventilation volume before ignition should not be less than 3 times the total volume from the furnace to the chimney population.

Two, flameout protection device
       In order to prevent the gas boiler from flameout caused by excessive air volume during low-load operation, an automatic combustion adjustment device should be installed on each boiler to control the air intake and gas supply of the gas boiler.
       The flameout protection device is composed of a flame detector and a solenoid valve. When the solenoid valve (not explosion-proof) is not suitable for direct contact with the gas, the flameout protection device should also include a pneumatic valve controlled by the solenoid valve. The flame detector is a flameout protection device. At present, there are two main types of flame monitors: one is to monitor the ultraviolet rays in the flame, such as ultraviolet photosensitive tubes; the other is to monitor the flame by the conductivity of the flame, such as ion monitoring needles.

3. Safety devices to mitigate damage
       In order to reduce the damage of the furnace and flue when the mixed gas explodes, an explosion-proof door must be installed after the coal-fired boiler is changed to burn gas. The area of ​​the explosion-proof door is selected according to the volume of the furnace and the flue and should comply with relevant regulations. m3, the explosion-proof door should be installed in a place where it is easy to vent. The furnace, flue, especially the stagnant area where combustible gas is easy to accumulate flammable gas, especially in the unavoidable dead corners, turns, and stuffy tops in the flue are the most prone to explosions.

4. Detection of gas supply pressure and ultra-high or ultra-low protection
       1. Over temperature alarm
       "Regulations" stipulates that when the rated outlet hot water temperature of the gas-fired hot water boiler is higher than or equal to 120°C and the rated outlet hot water temperature is lower than 120°C but the rated power is greater than or equal to 4.2MW, an over-temperature alarm device should be installed, and a connection Lock protection, for small and medium-sized gas boilers, the temperature transmitter on the hot water outlet generally outputs the standard signal to the programmable logic controller (PLC). Shutdown.
       2. Overpressure alarm
       When the rated evaporation of the steam boiler is greater than or equal to 6t/h, a steam overpressure alarm should be installed, and an interlock protection overpressure alarm should be installed. At the same time, the solenoid valve should be closed to cut off the gas source. The controller performs automatic control.
       3. Water level alarm
       When the rated evaporation of the steam boiler is greater than or equal to 2t/h, a high and low water level alarm should be installed, and the high and low water level alarm signals should be able to distinguish. When a low water level alarm occurs, close the solenoid valve, cut off the gas source, stop the blower after 30s, and the induced draft fan still running.
       4. Traffic alarm
       The once-through boiler shall be equipped with an alarm device when the feed water flow is lower than the start-up flow.

5. Cutting device
       Gas boilers shall be fitted with interlocking devices. Once the following conditions occur during the operation of the boiler, the gas supply can be automatically cut off; for the boiler equipped with a blast burner, the gas supply can be automatically cut off.
       1. The pressure of the hot water boiler is reduced to the point that vaporization will occur or the water temperature rises to exceed the specified value;
       2. The steam boiler pressure exceeds the specified value or the water level is as low as the minimum value;
       3. When the gas pressure is too high, there will be a fire-off phenomenon, and even an explosion will occur in the furnace. Therefore, the burner must operate under the designed gas pressure, and the cut-off device should be activated if the gas pressure is too high or too low. At present, domestic and gas-fired boilers are equipped with imported burners, which have a high degree of automation. They are not only equipped with gas high and low pressure controllers, but also equipped with automatic leak detection controllers (before ignition, during the furnace purge process, leak detection control The device automatically checks the gas valve system for leaks);
       4. Start the cut-off device when the blower, induced draft fan, and circulating water pump of the hot water boiler suddenly lose power or stop running, or when a frequency conversion fault, contact point fault, etc. failure occurs;
       5. Start of the smoke temperature protection device: The smoke temperature also reflects the normal operation of the boiler. Once the smoke temperature exceeds the set value, the cut-off device should be started. At present, domestic gas-fired boilers generally use smoke temperature transmitters. The transmitter converts the measured value of the primary instrument (Ptl00, Cu50) into a standard value and outputs it to the PLC. Once the temperature is exceeded, the furnace will be stopped immediately, and an audible and visual alarm will be issued at the same time, and the over-temperature fault will be displayed on the touch screen or computer display. .

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