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1 ton good oil boiler price

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With the introduction of various environmental protection policies, oil-fired boilers are welcomed and used by the majority of users due to their safety and reliability, high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental protection, compact structure, and small footprint.

1 ton oil boiler price

At present, there are many types of oil-fired boilers on the market, and many users are new to this type of boiler. They do not know much about the characteristics of oil-fired boilers and how to choose suitable oil-fired boiler products. FAQ.

Oil-fired boilers are mainly composed of burners and boiler bodies.

The function of the burner is to disperse the fuel oil into small oil droplets, which are fully mixed with the combustion air to form "oil mist", so that the fuel oil can be quickly ignited and completely burned after entering the furnace. It can be said that it is the heat supply source of the oil-fired boiler. , the performance of the burner directly affects the thermal efficiency of the oil-fired boiler.

At present, the more common burners of oil-fired boilers are pressure atomizing burners, air atomizing burners and rotary cup burners.

As for the body of the oil-fired boiler, it can be roughly divided into two categories: vertical shell type and horizontal shell type.

Vertical shell type oil-fired boilers have a small evaporation capacity, generally less than 1 ton, occupy a small area, have a relatively simple structure, and are more convenient to use.

Relatively speaking, the horizontal shell type is the more common structure of oil-fired boilers. Horizontal shell type oil-fired boilers are the most common with three return strokes. The boiler body is composed of boiler shell, front and rear tube sheets, furnace gallbladder, smoke pipes, etc. The furnace gallbladder is the combustion chamber of the oil-fired boiler. In addition to the combustion part in the furnace, it will also continue to the rear space of the furnace. According to the different structure of the back of the furnace, the body of the horizontal oil-fired boiler can be divided into two types: wet-back type and dry-back type.

When purchasing an oil-fired boiler, you must first confirm what your needs are, and then make a reasonable choice according to the boiler model, tonnage, price and other parameters.

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