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Best 150000 btu steam boiler for sale in 2022

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The 150000 btu steam boiler used for laundry and dry cleaning. The boiler still in good working condition and it is available immediately. Laundry and dry cleaning equipment are steam boilers that produce superheated steam, which is used to press clothes and clean carpets. Steam boilers supply the hot water needed for both processes. These types of boilers will come in different BTU ratings depending on how much space you need to heat up, but most systems use 150000 BTU or less.

150000 btu steam boiler


1.150000 btu steam boiler for sale.

2.How many BTU steam boiler do I need?

3.Which boiler has highest efficiency?

4.How much do steam boilers cost?

5.How much does a 150000 BTU steam boiler cost?


150000 btu steam boiler for sale.

The 150000 btu steam boiler is an industrial grade steam boiler that is used for the production of hot water and low pressure steam. This 150000 btu steam boiler has been well maintained by its owner, who has kept it in great condition. It has a capacity of 1250 lb/hr at 100 psig with a steam temperature range between 180 degrees F and 215 degrees F. The product is available immediately to be shipped anywhere in the United States!

The 150000 btu Steam Boiler can be used as either a laundry steamer or dry cleaning steamer (the two most common uses). At such high temperatures, this machine can generate enough heat to kill bacteria on fabrics, making it safer than using chemicals on clothes or even hand washing them without the right equipment like our 150000 btu Steam Boiler does! Our customers love how easy these machines are too--they simply fill up their tub with water then add soap into our 150000 btu Steam Boiler's reservoir tank before turning on their machine's power switch so they can start cleaning their clothes now!

How many BTU steam boiler do I need?

You can select a steam boiler with a higher BTU rating than is necessary to heat your home. This will produce more steam than you need, and it will be wasteful. A larger boiler is not always better; however, it is important that the boiler be large enough to provide enough heat for all of your needs. The more efficient your system is at transferring heat from water into space in your home or office, the less energy-intensive it will be overall.

The size of the building also affects how much energy you may need from a steam heating system. For example, if there are several rooms that are far away from each other within a building (perhaps because of its layout), then additional pipes may be needed in order to transport hot water around this distance without losing much temperature along the way.

150000 btu steam boiler for sale


Which boiler has highest efficiency?

The higher the rating, the more efficient a boiler is at converting fuel into heat. This means that a boiler with a higher efficiency rating will cost less to run, and will also cost less to install.

It may seem obvious that you should choose which boiler has highest efficiency when looking for steam boilers for sale online, but there are other factors that need to be considered too.

How much do steam boilers cost?

Steam boilers are typically sold in 150000 BTU steam boiler increments. The majority of boilers on the market today come with a price tag of $10,000 or less. However, you may find some that cost substantially more than this standard rate. The cost of your steam boiler will depend largely on the manufacturer and size of your boiler.

Standard-sized boilers have a range between 15,000 and 20,000 BTUs to heat up water for use in homes or businesses. These units are designed to provide adequate heating capability for most residential applications while also being energy efficient because they don't require an excessive amount of fuel consumption when compared with other types of heating systems such as gas furnaces or baseboard radiators which can take up more space than these small units do due to their size requirements from needing electricity instead of just gas lines running through them like their counterparts.

150,000 btu gas boiler


How much does a 150000 BTU steam boiler cost?

A 150000 BTU steam boiler costs $2,000 to $6,000. The price of a 150000 BTU steam boiler depends on its size and features, such as the type of fuel it uses (oil or gas).

In Indonesia, the price of a 150000 BTU steam boiler is approximately IDR 136 million (about US$11,000). In Myanmar, it costs Ks 500 000 ($500) to 1 million kyats ($1 000) depending on the model and manufacturer that you choose. In Malaysia and Singapore where there are many large companies who manufacture this equipment for industrial use as well as for domestic purposes; their cost ranges from RM 15000 - RM 20000 (S$4100-S$5600) for new ones and about half that amount for used units which have been refurbished or repaired by specialists


The 150000 btu steam boiler is widely used in various industries. We can help you to find out the best boiler for your business. We have years of experience in this industry so we know what it takes to deliver a great product at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today and let us know what your needs are. If you want to know more about 150000 btu steam boiler, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479.

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