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7 T Wood Fired Steam Boiler

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Wood Fired Steam Boiler is mainly used in industrial fields, such as: chemical plants, oil plants, petrochemical plants, textile plants, fiber plants, etc. Generally, steam boilers can use a variety of fuels such as natural gas, coal, wood chips, nuts, and biomass.

The Fangkuai DZL new wood-fired steam boiler is a single-drum vertical fire tube shell boiler. Grate burning equipment for activities. The radiation heating surfaces of the water walls on the left and right sides of the furnace, the flue and the two wings of the flue pipe are the convective heating surfaces of the threaded rollers. The use of arched tube sheets in wood-fired steam boilers, threaded tube technology solves the problem of cracking of the shell boiler tube sheet, bulging of the lower drum, low thermal efficiency, poor adaptability and poor coal quality.

Advantages of Fangkuai DZL wood-fired steam boiler:

1. Reasonable heating surface and combustion device, the thermal efficiency is 4%~5% higher than the national standard.

2. Reasonable flue wind speed design, no fly ash and no ablation on the heating surface. Without blowing soot, the boiler can work at full load, efficiently and safely for a long time.

3. The furnace chambers of large and high boilers can be easily designed according to different fuels to improve the fuel combustion rate and remove black smoke.

4. The hot water boiler has a full single-return design and a jet cycle design, and the medium speed of the regenerative surface is higher than the national standard.

5. Large and high-strength grate is adopted, and a large grate rolling device is added, which improves the safety of the boiler, reduces coal leakage and facilitates adjustment of combustion.

6. The conventional Scoot separation at the exit of the boiler furnace can reduce the dust content and reduce the wear of the hot surface.

7. The enclosed slide plate is cleaned to avoid secondary pulling, saving time and effort.

8. Large water volume is beneficial to power failure protection and has a strong ability to adapt to load fluctuations.

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