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3000kg heavy oil boiler - Hot water boiler

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Generally, heavy oil boilers can be used in various industrial fields such as chemical industry, plastic industry, textile industry, rubber industry, food industry, forest products industry, and paper industry. The commonly used fuels for hot water boilers are natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, coal and other fuels.

Fangkuai oil-fired hot water boiler uses oil (gas) as fuel and oil as medium. The hot oil circulating pump is used to force the medium to circulate the liquid. The energy transfer device returns to the heating furnace with low pressure. When the working temperature is high, the medium can be high precision Control operation. The system has high thermal efficiency. Due to the integral module installation and convenient operation and maintenance, it is an ideal choice for safe, efficient and energy-saving heating equipment.

The temperature of the fuel (gas) generated by the burner flame is formed in the coil and enters the radiant heating surface, and it enters the rear and forwards through the coil's internal rotation 180°, and the convective heating surface is controlled outside the interlayer area. Then enter the upper mezzanine, the outer coil area of ​​the second mezzanine, and exhaust into the atmosphere behind the chimney in the second mezzanine area.

The main features of Fangkuai oil-fired hot water boiler:

(1) It adopts low-pressure and high-temperature heat medium, which is convenient to adjust, uniformly heated, and meets the precise process temperature.

(2) Liquid circulation heat dissipation, no condensation heat loss discharge, high thermal efficiency of the heating system.

(3) Compensation measures for the volume change in the system due to the heat and heat of the working fluid and temperature fluctuations.

(4) Technical measures to strictly control low volatile content such as air and water before circulating the heat medium.

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