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2 ton gas boiler price

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The 2-ton gas boiler is a key product promoted by Fangkuai boiler manufacturers. It can be sold directly by the factory. You can also contact our local boiler supplier to avoid the long-distance travel. We also support the wholesale of multiple gas boilers, giving you preferential prices. price.

The 2-ton gas boiler can use city gas, natural gas, liquefied gas and other fuels, and is widely used in hotels, food processing plants, hospitals, textile factories, garment factories, printing factories, feed factories, bean products factories, meat products factories, glass factories , construction sites, automobile painting plants and other industries.

2 ton gas boiler price in nigeria

TATA boiler technicians remind you: when purchasing a 2-ton gas boiler, focus on whether the parameters of the boiler meet the standards.

1. What are the main parameters of a 2-ton gas boiler?
       Model: WNS2-1.25-Y.Q;
       Rated evaporation: 2t/h;
       Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa;
       Applicable fuel: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, liquefied natural gas, etc.;
       Boiler shipping size: 4658*2920*3640.

2. What are the technical advantages of TATA boiler manufacturers' 2-ton gas-fired boilers?
       The 2-ton gas-fired boiler is a WNS type, which realizes intelligent control of the boiler by adopting a quick-installation structure with a fully automatic horizontal internal combustion three-return pass. The boiler body is composed of main structures such as a drum, a corrugated furnace and a threaded smoke pipe. The corrugated furnace can increase the combustion space for fuel combustion to the greatest extent and promote the full combustion of the fuel; the threaded smoke pipe can also be used to a great extent. It promotes the boiler flue gas to release more heat energy, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency of the boiler, and release more heat energy under the same fuel consumption.

To say that the price of a 2-ton gas boiler is composed of many factors. For example, the material of the boiler body, the standard of auxiliary equipment, etc. are the main factors affecting the price change of the boiler. You still need to communicate more with boiler business personnel, start from various details, and then combine with the actual situation of your own company to get a more reasonable boiler quotation plan.

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