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200hp Steam Boiler Price

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200hp steam boiler price is around £1000-10000. You need to find the right size, and the right type. At some point you will have to make a decision on whether to choose an oil fired steam boiler or a gas boiler. If your premise is in an urban area you may want to consider natural gas as it is generally cheaper than oil.In a persuasive tone, you should make sure that your boiler can be integrated with the heating system of your house. If you choose a boiler having high capacity, then it will be more expensive than other boilers. So before purchasing a steam boiler for your home, make sure that its size is compatible with the heating system of your house.


1.Oil Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

2.Biomass Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

3.Coal Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

4.What is the cost of a steam boiler?



Oil Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

Oil Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

  • What are the main features of oil fired steam boiler?

  • Why do you need an oil-fired steam boiler for your project?

  • What are the different types of oil fired steam boilers available in the market?4. Is it possible to operate a steam boiler without using fuel oil?5. Which type of oil is best suited for an industrial application?6

Biomass Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

Biomass fired steam boilers are the most economic and popular type of steam boiler. These boilers are available in different sizes to cater all your needs and requirements. The 200hp biomass steam boiler is a perfect choice for small industries, factories and workshops with limited budget, where large fuel consumption is not required.

This boiler has many advantages over other types of boilers such as efficiency and longevity, which you can enjoy at a very reasonable price range.

Coal Fired Steam Boiler 200hp

200hp steam boiler price


Coal fired steam boiler 200hp price is a coal fired boiler which is very useful for generating steam in power plants, chemical industries, thermal power plants and other industrial sectors. This boiler has no chimneys and ash problems. The heat recovery rate of these boilers is high as compared to that of other boilers. The working pressure of this type of boiler ranges from 1.0 MPa up to 2.0 MPa while its superheater temperature varies between 730°C and 750°C depending on the firing rate and heating duty requirements of the plant where it operates. For example: if you want to buy a 200hp coal fired steam boiler then you will have to pay around $60 per hour by paying per hour basis or meter charge method also available here at Boiler Service Center USA Inc., which we are providing our customers with all types of industrial equipment like pumps, compressors etc.,

What is the cost of a steam boiler?

The cost of a steam boiler depends on several factors.

  • The size or capacity of your steam boiler will determine the initial price. A large capacity boiler will cost more than a smaller capacity one, as you would expect. However, there are also other factors that influence its price such as: fuel type and manufacturer.

  • The type of steam system can have an impact on its price too—for example, condensing systems are generally more expensive than non-condensing ones because they require additional components and materials in their construction (such as insulation).

  • Finally, checking out reviews online before making your purchase can help you get an idea of how much different companies charge for their products so that you know what kind of budget to set aside when purchasing yours!


The 200hp steam boiler price depends on many factors such as the size, type, fuel, etc. of the steam boiler. I hope that you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions about the cost of a steam boiler, please contact us today +0086 186-2391-5479. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your needs. Thank you for considering our company for your steam boiler needs!

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