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1ton electric boiler for hotels

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Electric heating boilers are widely used in food processing, hospitals, paper mills, hotels, gyms and other fields. The price of a 1ton electric boiler is about $999-$8,699.

TATA electric hot water boilers powered by electricity are used for heating, air conditioning or hot water. The boiler is the latest generation product that integrates various advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, small size, no noise, modular heating, energy saving, and easy installation and use.

All electrical components comply with CE and CCC standards to ensure product safety demonstration and service life! There is a big steam room with good steam quality! Electromechanical installation, the electronic control components are far away from heat, which is good for heat dissipation. Single or multiple units can be connected in parallel! PLC programmable microcomputer control display, set temperature through man-machine interface, realize automatic control of water temperature, display equipment status, display operating parameters and fault alarm!

Advantages of TATA electric heating boiler:
1. The boiler adopts a fully welded structure
2. PID temperature controller (Fuji Electric PXR5/9)
3. The expansion tank is transported in bulk and installed at the highest point of the pipeline system
4. Isolation gate valve and filter
5. SSR (Solid State Relay) control heater circuit
6. System stress test and function test before shipment
7. Shell and tube heat exchanger (optional) process requires heating and cooling

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