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What are the good performances of atmospheric hot water boilers

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Both heating and domestic hot water can be realized through atmospheric hot water boilers. The warm environment in the house when it is cold and the warm water when washing and taking a bath are the conveniences that the hot water boiler brings us. Then, in our daily life, what are the good performances of the atmospheric hot water boiler, which is used very frequently?

1. Appearance display
       The normal pressure hot water boiler produced by Fangkuai Boiler adopts neat embossed aluminum plate as the outer packaging material. The large Chinese display screen has a wealth of display functions, clearly showing the operating status of the boiler, water temperature and water level and time and other information. The controller keyboard completes the operation setting, and can also check the parameters, set and modify the parameters, which is quick to learn and easy to master and operate.

       2. Safe and durable
       At the top of the normal pressure hot water boiler, there is a straight opening to the atmosphere, and the air pressure is always in balance with the outside world, which reduces the risk of explosion and does not require supervisory inspection during use. The unique soft water setting can reduce the generation of a large amount of scale; regular maintenance of chemicals can effectively slow down the oxygen corrosion of the steel plate; the external insulation of the boiler adopts a unique two-component insulation method, which has the functions of water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, and oil resistance; It can also isolate the air and be more durable.

       3. Self-protection
       When the normal pressure hot water boiler is running, if there is a leakage phenomenon, the boiler will automatically cut off the power; when the boiler water temperature is too high, the overheating protection will automatically stop the burner and give an alarm; the boiler is set to an extremely low water level limit value, when the water volume is low The boiler stops working at a safe water level to prevent the danger of dry burning.

Through the above description, we can learn more about the characteristics of atmospheric hot water boilers, deepen their understanding of functions, and master the skills to make them serve us better. High-quality and durable atmospheric hot water boilers have entered more hotels, schools, residential communities and other places, becoming indispensable daily necessities and making a great contribution to the improvement of the quality of life.

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