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Technical parameters of 10 ton gas boiler

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TATA Boiler is committed to the research and development and manufacture of clean boilers, and has more than 100 patents for independent research and development.

       Fuel is one of the main constraints when choosing a boiler. While choosing a fuel suitable for your own business, it must also be consistent with my country's environmental protection policies. Clean, environmentally friendly and low-emission gas-fired boilers have become the first choice for many users.

       We have compiled the technical parameter table of the 10-ton gas-fired steam boiler, hoping to help you choose a better boiler.

10 ton gas boiler technical parameters:

No. Name Unit Value
1 Rated evaporation t/h 10
2 Rated steam pressure Mpa 1.25
3 Rated steam temperature ℃ 194
4 Feed water temperature ℃ 20
5 Hydrostatic test pressure Mpa 1.6
6 Boiler water volume (water pressure test) m3 15
7 Exhaust temperature ℃ 65-70
8 Fuel consumption Nm3/h 7000-750
9 Boiler maximum transport weight t 25.5
10 Maximum transport size of boiler mm 7940×3770×5210
The above are the technical parameters of the 10-ton gas steam boiler provided by our TATA Boiler. If you have a purchase plan for a gas boiler and need to know more about other characteristics and parameters of the gas boiler, you can contact our TATA Boiler directly, and we will send Professional boiler technicians and sales managers will provide you with a complete set of gas boiler information and quotation solutions free of charge.

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