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Fuel consumption of 2 ton oil boiler

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No matter what kind of boiler it is, the fuel consumption is the most concerned point by major users. For oil-fired boilers, this point is the fuel consumption of the boiler. The less fuel consumption of oil-fired boilers, the more energy-saving they are. Everyone knows this truth. Fangkuai Boiler Brand will calculate the fuel consumption of the oil-fired boilers produced by Fangkuai for everyone.

For oil-fired boilers, the operating costs of the boiler mainly include fuel costs, electricity costs, and water costs. Among them, electricity and water costs are very small compared to fuel costs, so we will put them aside for the time being, and only talk about the "fuel consumption" of oil-fired boilers today.

boiler diesel consumption

For oil-fired boilers, the fuel consumption cost should be calculated according to the formula of the boiler’s fuel consumption per hour M × working time t × coefficient η × fuel price A”. Among them, M is the unit of fuel consumption, for gas boilers , is m³/h; for oil-fired boilers, it is kg/h.

The operating efficiency of the oil-fired boilers of the TATA boiler brand is generally above 95%, and the calculation is that the fuel consumption per ton per hour is between 65 and 70 kg. If it is a 2-ton oil-fired boiler, multiply this value by 2, and so on for other tonnages.

Working time t refers to the total running time of the boiler in the heating season, in hours.

M refers to the fuel consumption of the boiler running at full load, which generally appears at the beginning of operation. When the temperature of the heating system rises to the set value, the boiler does not need to run at full load, and will switch to a small fire or even stop burning, and the fuel consumption will become smaller at this time; therefore, the coefficient η is introduced. The coefficient η is an empirical value, which is related to the total heating area, the operation mode, and the type of fuel used in the boiler. Under normal circumstances, if the boiler runs for 24 hours, η=0.4~0.5, if the oil-fired boiler runs intermittently every day, and each operation time does not exceed 1~2 hours, η=1. Although the coefficient η is not easy to confirm, there are two points for sure; the first is that long-term continuous heating is not only effective, but also relatively more fuel-efficient (for example, continuous work for 8 hours and 8 hours in 4 times, the former must be more economical The second is that the fuel consumption calculated directly by the fuel consumption M×running time t is much larger than the actual fuel consumption. In any case, the coefficient η is a number ≤ 1 and cannot be ignored.

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