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Condensing gas boiler gas consumption per hour

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At present, condensing gas boilers are undoubtedly a type of boiler that integrates green environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with ordinary boilers, it can save at least 30% of the fuel input ratio, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and money saving. After years of technical optimization and many tests, Fangkuai boiler manufacturers have completed the comprehensive optimization of condensing gas boilers, and the customer usage coverage rate has reached more than 90%, and has also gained a good reputation from countless users.

So, what other methods are there for users and friends to reduce the gas consumption of the boiler in the process of using the condensing gas boiler? After all, the correct operation method can also effectively ensure the operation efficiency of the boiler.

condensing boiler efficiency chart

1. Service life of condensing gas boiler
       Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of a gas boiler with a longer service life is higher than that of a gas boiler that has been used for a while. On the one hand, the reason is that the boiler will have a small amount of loss during operation, and on the other hand, it is due to the aging of the building. The thermal insulation effect of the boiler room or the building that uses condensing gas boilers for heating will decrease year by year. This requires users and friends to remember to maintain boilers and buildings when using condensing gas boilers.

2. The indoor temperature
       The higher the predetermined temperature set for the condensing gas boiler, the higher the indoor temperature, but the gas consumption also increases.

3. The orientation of the room and the number of floors
       Usually the top floor and the first floor consume a lot of air, the main reason is the heat loss caused by the lack of heating upstairs and downstairs.

4. Wall insulation performance
       The better the thermal insulation performance of the wall and the outer window, the smaller the heat loss caused by the operation of the boiler, and the more energy-saving the condensing gas boiler is to use.

5. Is the surrounding heating
       For example, there is no heating for living upstairs or downstairs, which will also affect the size of your own heating gas consumption.

6. Is the user's method of using the condensing gas boiler correct?
       Good products also need to be operated and used correctly. Improper use will seriously affect the gas consumption of condensing gas boilers.

7. The combustion value of the condensing gas boiler itself
       Different boiler types and brands have different fuel combustion values. According to international standards, the higher the combustion value of the condensing boiler, the more energy-efficient it is to use.

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