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Gas steam boiler parameters

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When purchasing a gas-fired steam boiler, it is very important to look at the boiler parameters. This is the unique nameplate marked by the boiler manufacturer for each boiler, and it is the record of various operating data of the boiler. These parameters can not only allow everyone to understand the performance of the boiler, but also can check the standards when they go to the relevant departments for inspection after purchasing the boiler, so as to prevent some unscrupulous merchants from falsifying the parameters.

Gas steam boiler parameters

So, what parameter data of the boiler should be looked at when purchasing a gas steam boiler?
       1. Rated evaporation capacity of gas steam boiler
       Evaporation refers to the amount of steam generated per hour during continuous operation of the boiler under the premise of safe operation. The common unit is "ton/hour (t/h). You can also understand it as the "several tons" we usually say. "boiler.

       2. Rated operating pressure of gas steam boiler
       If the steam boiler wants to output high-temperature steam higher than 100°C, the interior must have a higher pressure than the outside. Only then can the high-temperature hot water be converted into high-temperature steam. The steam temperature output by boilers with different rated pressures is different. The higher the rated pressure, the higher the steam temperature output by the boiler.

       3. Steam temperature of gas steam boiler
       The steam temperature is determined according to the rated operating pressure of the boiler. Different industries have different demand for steam, and the difference is reflected in the steam temperature. The higher the steam temperature, the more heat it carries and the more kinetic energy it generates.

       4. Gas consumption of gas steam boiler
       Air consumption is one of the effective data for evaluating whether a boiler can save energy and reduce emissions, which is also closely related to the unit input cost and economic benefits of the enterprise using the boiler. The calculation formula of gas consumption is total boiler output ÷ fuel calorific value ÷ boiler thermal efficiency.

       The total output of the boiler is determined according to the tonnage of the boiler. The larger the tonnage, the greater the total output.

       The calorific value of the fuel is determined according to the type and quality of the fuel you choose to use. The higher the quality of the fuel, the higher the calorific value and the higher the price.

       The thermal efficiency of the boiler is the data to test the technical strength of the boiler manufacturer. The higher the thermal efficiency, the lower the gas consumption of the boiler, and the two are inversely proportional. The thermal efficiency of the gas-fired steam boilers of TATA boiler manufacturers is over 98%, and the gas consumption can be reduced by about 10 cubic meters (1 ton boiler) compared with other products on the market.

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