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Factors affecting the price of gas boilers

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There are various types of gas boilers on the market, and the price difference is also very obvious. The boiler of the same tonnage can even have a price difference of hundreds of thousands. So, what is the reason for this price difference for gas boilers? What are the factors that affect the price of gas boilers? Listen to TATA boiler manufacturers for you one by one.

the price of gas boilers

First, the overall quality of the gas boiler. This depends on the manufacturing level of the boiler, the quality of the manufacturing materials used, etc. The manufacturing level of the boiler is good, the probability of bad phenomena such as leakage of the boiler is small, and the safety factor in use will naturally increase. The quality of the material used in the boiler determines whether the boiler can be durable. The use of materials with more corrosion resistance, higher temperature resistance and stronger thermal insulation performance must be longer than that of boilers made of inferior materials, and sometimes even worse. Year is uncertain. These are the reasons for the increase in the manufacturing cost of gas boilers, but it is precisely because of these costs that the boiler can be guaranteed to work better for users.

Second, the operating efficiency of gas boilers. This tests the comprehensive strength of boiler manufacturers. With strong manufacturers, the technology developed and adopted is advanced, and the performance of boilers is more superior. Fangkuai boiler manufacturer has been specializing in gas boilers for 21 years, and has achieved more than 100 R&D achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the field of gas boilers. The operating efficiency of gas boilers is generally above 95%, which is about 85% of that of ordinary gas boilers in the market. Compared with the operating efficiency of the company, it can save at least 10% of fuel consumption, which directly saves money for the enterprise.

In fact, the overall quality of the gas boiler depends on the cost performance of the boiler. If it is used for a long time, the boiler still maintains ultra-high operating efficiency and ultra-low exhaust gas temperature, and can ensure safe and stable delivery of high-temperature steam or hot water, which is beneficial to enterprises. Harmful.

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