Electric Hot Water Boiler

Electric Hot Water Boiler

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Electric Hot Water Boiler

Electric Hot Water Boiler

The boiler is composed of a boiler body, an electric control box and a control system, and has obvious characteristics of environmental protection, cleanliness, pollution-free, noise-free and automatic. With the reduction of limited energy and the sharp rise in price, electric hot water boiler as a new type of kinetic energy equipment is more and more recognized by people.

Capacity: 0.1-2.8Mw

Rated Thermal Efficiency: 98%

Fixed Work Stress: ≤1.0MPa

Applicable Fuel: electric energy

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Product Advantages

High thermal efficiency

The flue gas is condensed and recovered,the combustion efficiency is >98%, and the thermal efficiency is ≥104%, which can reduce fuel consumption by more than 4%.

PLC intelligent control

The self-developed PLC fully automatic intelligent control system greatly improves the reliability of boiler operation.

More corrosion resistant

The oxygen content of the feed water is less than 16%, and the boiler body material is made of silicon aluminum alloy, which is more resistant to corrosion.

Multiple protection system

Various protection systems such as water level, pressure, temperature, power supply, scale detection, etc., guarantee the safety of boiler operation in all aspects.

Long lasting

The combustion chamber is completely immersed in water, the cooling conditions are excellent, the boiler operating environment is greatly improved, and the service life of the boiler is increased.

Good sealing effect

The smoke box door and panel adopt a double-layer sealed structure, and the intelligent welding equipment can be welded at one time to prevent air leakage and smoke leakage.

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Product Parameters

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Length * Width * Height Weight
Unit Mw MPa % mm t
CWDR0.1-95/70-Ⅱ 0.12 0.1 98.00% Electric energy 1395 * 890 * 960 0.278
CWDR0.23-95/70-Ⅱ 0.24 1395 * 1050 * 1280 0.427
CWDR0.47-95/70-Ⅱ 0.48 2000 * 1300 * 1525 0.849
CWDR0.7-95/70-Ⅱ 0.72 2000 * 1100 * 1840 1.4
CWDR1.0-95/70-Ⅱ 1.05 2580 * 1500 * 2150 2
CWDR1.75-95/70-Ⅱ 1.8 2650 * 1790 * 2540 2.75
WDR0.7-1.0/95/70-Ⅱ 0.72 1 2640 * 1300 * 2830 2.37
WDR1.4-1.6/95/70-Ⅱ 1.5 1.6 3070 * 2240 * 3040 4.34
WDR2.1-1.0/(115)95/70-Ⅱ 2.25 1 4060 * 2240 * 3210 5.3
WDR2.8-1.0/(115)95/70-Ⅱ 3 1 4170 * 2540 * 3510 5.9


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